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Scaled Power receives Phase 1 Contract Award with AFWERX


Rory Keogh, Ph.D,

Scaled Power Inc, CEO

(415) 814-2298

San Francisco, CA (December 10, 2018) The Scaled Power team is excited to announce a Phase 1 contract award with AFWERX based on our proposed " Turbo-alternator for high-endurance UAS/UAV" offering. During the first phase, we will work with our US Air Force and DoD customers to define requirements and optimize our core TurboGen configuration for end-items that will improve capability and response time for our warfighters.

AFRL and AFWERX have partnered to streamline the Small Business Innovation Research process in an attempt to speed up the experience, broaden the pool of potential applicants and decrease bureaucratic overhead. Beginning with SBIR 18.2, the Air Force has begun offering ‘Special' SBIR topics that are faster, leaner and open to a broader range of innovations. Scaled Power is honored to be an awardee of this inaugural solicitation.

About Scaled Power:

Scaled Power is developing innovative power sources that are a fraction of the cost, size, and weight of alternatives for disruptive aviation and clean energy applications in emerging and current markets.

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